Between seasons on Southampton Common

DSC_0605DSC_0605After two weeks of sunshine in Barcelona, I’m back in intermittently sunny Southampton, and enjoying occasional opportunities to stroll the Common (in between more pressing school holiday related activities).DSC_0562DSC_0562 copy



It seems to have become that in between season: summer one minute and autumn the next, and my backpack is full of layers of clothing that I spend the day faffing around with. I have found a few fungi and quite a number of acorns on the Common, and whilst it’s sad to think of summer drawing to a close these autumnal subjects do have the definite attraction of staying still to have their photo taken.






DSC_0486DSC_0486_1However, there is still enough summer around for me not to dwell too much on the chillier seasons: I have been chasing dragonflies, with varying degrees of success, and the damselflies are still busy in the tall grass beside the ponds.DSC_0917DSC_0917_1





There are also quite a few butterflies still teasing me with their fast wings, although they are starting to look a little weather worn.





There is also every potential for the weather to revert back to full on summer the minute schools re-open. So, all in all, I am not packing up my summer photography ideas just yet.







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