Southampton Common 2018

Today I’m looking back at some of the things that made my heart sing as I wandered on Southampton Common. This could take an awfully long time, because just about every day has brought something to make me glad that I can call then Common my home from home. 

Almost nothing makes me love winter more than clear, bright days when the paths are frosty and the ponds are frozen. 

The only winter thing that is even better than a frosty and bright morning is when it snows, and in March 2018 the Beast from the East provided us with just that.

Once the snow was gone, I was well and truly ready to welcome Spring. How happy I was to see the first flowers popping through.

Spring means fluffy babies, and Southampton Common certainly did not disappoint this year. The ducklings were the first to appear.

The coot and moorhen chicks were not far behind.

Then there was the long wait for the cygnets…

They will soon all be here again and I really can’t wait. Although apparently I will have to!

And  as spring took hold and summer crept in, I lurked around the ponds waiting for dragonflies and damselflies,  

Summer also saw me on many a butterfly and bug wander, stretching my macro lens to the limits of its ability  to endure, and returning home scratched from brambles, but happy to be in possession of one or two decent shots of  tiny insects.

The summer of 2018 was long and dry, and I had some beautiful times with my insect friends.

Then, as the days got shorter and the insects became scarcer, the leaves turned, the fungi popped up, and I was drawn into the golden days of autumn. This was no better for my sartorial elegance, as I crouched and knelt in the mushy undergrowth, and returned home covered in leaves and mulch.

All through the seasons, though, the place I’m most likely to be found is around the Ornamental Lake.

And now here we are in winter again, starting with the misty mornings

So, here we are, with the first few icy episodes behind us, and whatever 2019 decides to bring ahead.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year.

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