Stormy days on Southampton Common

It’s been a bit of a stormy week on Southampton Common, so I’ve spent a lot of time admiring the Old Cemetery, where I can easily duck under the trees for cover. The Old Cemetery is a beautiful place, where there are always new and interesting discoveries to be made.

Although there has been a fair bit of rain around, there have also been times of beautiful sunshine and blue skies. With the combination of weather we have had this week it’s not surprising that the spring flowers in the Old Cemetery are starting to look really beautiful.

The Old Cemetery hasn’t been my only shelter on the Common this week though: there are plenty of trees around, although lot of them are rather bare at this time of year!

All in all, there’s been plenty of good weather for ducks this week, so my friends at the Cemetery Lake have been pretty happy, although the tufted ducks always like to give me a little scowl.

Next week, I’m hoping for a little bit less breeze, and maybe a touch more sunshine, but whatever the weather, it’s always good to spend some time out and about on Southampton Common

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