A week of inaction on Southampton Common

Not much action to report from me this week, as it was half term, and I’ve been occupied with things that don’t involve the Common. Just popped in for the odd misty springtime morning, to remind me of why the slight detour on my way to work is almost always worth it.

Instead of doing any proper wandering this week, I’ve spent time sitting on trains and vaguely participating in Lego city creations in the part of our house formerly known as “the attic.” In a few quiet moments I have put some of my photos onto Redbubble, where they can now be purchased as cards, pictures, mugs and other things. Any profits from sales will be donated to the Society of St James,  a Southampton-based homelessness charity, providing a range of supported living services in Southampton, Portsmouth and across Hampshire ( https://ssj.org.uk). I also purchased the distinctive red bike that warns of my presence on the Common from their bicycle workshop. So, if you fancy a souvenier of Southampton Common, with a bit of money going to a good cause, my stuff is at: https://www.redbubble.com/people/jaquiht

Next week, more serious wanderings will be resumed!

2 thoughts on “A week of inaction on Southampton Common

    1. Yep, last week was beautiful, but its definitely been a day to stay indoors today! Mind you, this time last year we had snow…


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