Easter Holidays on Southampton Common

It’s been the second week of the school Easter holidays, and on Southampton Common the funfair has arrived, butterflies are fluttering around, the bluebells in Southampton Old Cemetery are looking beautiful and life feels warm and sunny.

At my regular spot beside the Ornamental Lake the ducklings have continued to delight me, although their diminishing number has been rather dismaying. Despite the vigilant watching of their parents, only two of the original nine remained at the last count. Nature is beautiful, but cruel sometimes.

Over at the Cemetery Lake there has been plenty of action: the coots are, as ever, busy disputing territories, with the added incentive of guarding their nests. However, the big news has been the arrival of (at the last count six) Canada Geese. Initially one pair visited and were not made at all welcome by the swans. I though that they had left, however, far from being beaten, they returned with reinforcements. At my last visit the swans seemed to have decided to limit their eviction efforts to when the geese went too close to their nest.

So, it’s been another week of very intermittent but mainly happy wandering for me on Southampton Common, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Spring has in store next. May is just round the corner and that means dragonflies. Watch this space for out of focus insects …

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