Rays, fungi and a few dragonflies on Southampton Common

It’s been a beautiful couple of weeks (in between the rain) on Southampton Common with misty mornings and spider webs reminding me of the approach of Halloween.

The morning mist can be almost magical, especially when it’s followed by an amazing show of rays of light.

The autumn colours are slowly breaking through and in the next week I think there’s going to be an explosion of autumn beauty on Southampton Common.

My biggest treat on Southampton Common at the moment though is the fungi: they really are amazing this year ( I expect that I said that last year too!) Be careful where you tread, because I have found some absolute beauties along the paths as well as in the woodlands, by the lakes, and … just about everywhere!

Despite all this autumnal focus, during some of the beautifully sunny moments the dragonflies have still be playing around the Ornamental lake. Fungi, rays and dragonflies all in one day. How much better can life be?

I think this will be the last post on this site, but I will still be wandering Southampton Common, posting my adventures on Instagram, and maybe creating a new site if I can persuade my teenage son that this stuff is more important than his personal engineering projects and the occasional encounter with a smidgin of homework. So please do say hi if you come across me grovelling around in the mud, muttering to myself when I discover something interesting, or exclaiming aloud to no-one in particular when I see something beautiful. On reflection, maybe you won’t feel it’s advisable to come close enough to say hi, but do wave at me from a safe distance 🙂

Misty rays on Southampton Common

DSC_0438DSC_0438_3It’s been another beautiful week on Southampton Common. There have been some amazing starts to the day, when I have seen friends emerging to greet me through rays of golden light (and people who are less delighted to see me moving urgently in the opposite direction!)






DSC_0354DSC_0354_2On other mornings those who were trying to avoid me  won, with the mist concealing anything beyond the very immediate vicinity, clinging around the trees, making them simultaneously eerie and beautiful.



DSC_0065DSC_0065_3The morning mist is one of Autumn’s great treats, draping everything in mystery and highlighting amazing spiders’ webs.




DSC_0158DSC_0158 When it has been a bit damp out in the open I have retreated into the undergrowth to inspect the fungi. This has made me glad, as ever, of the extensive tree cover provided for those who wander in all weathers. And of the luxury of a warm home to return to with my soggy boots.








DSC_0038DSC_0038_1All in all, it’s been another wonderfully varied week on the Common, and I have been very happy to start many of my days here.